Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Feeling frisky...

The full moon is making me a little... crazy. 
Ok, my sexual appetite has always been quite high 😜. I suspect it's even higher at the moment with the current state of heightened energies- perhaps due to the position of the Moon. Let me explain how I see this, I had never been very focused during Physics classes in the past, but I have always remembered something about gravity, high and low tides and "energy" (I know, impressive). Wikipedia just confirmed that the sea levels rise and fall because of "the combined effects of gravitational forces exerted by the Moon and the Sun and the rotation of the Earth". 
Oh, I feel their power.
So, I wonder, why couldn't all that sway with my appetite too? In fact, I like the idea that these forces interact with us - depending on their particular position in the sky - and move, shake, sway, vibrate, pulse, quaver, and stir anything and everything in me and around me.
But as I mentioned earlier, I don't understand these mechanics.
I'm just horny.

(*This is a very honest and open-minded blog)

Yes, it's been some time.
I used to feel like saying to some of my previous boyfriends "Just shut up. And fuck me."
Regarding Him, the first part wouldn't have made much sense since he wasn't much of a talker. 
So I used to say only "Fuck me." And he did.
The only man I keep in touch with on a regular basis seems to be Tom right now. And I never feel like saying these two things. First of all, he talks just enough to entertain me and not to bother me (for the moment), and second of all, I cannot imagine the latter part of my phrase with him. I almost hope it won't happen.
Men have it so easy with all the escort websites out there. Help yourself and pick and choose.
But what about us, women? What about me when I require lots of emotional foreplay, convincing myself the man is in love with me, stays&never leaves me, and when I want to [finally] make love and not "sex" ?
Well, it's tough.

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