My name is Pavlina Lioness. I am Czech and I live in Australia.

I am an energy healer and shifter, Tantric practitioner, conscious sexuality activist and holistic counsellor.

E-books about conquering anxiety, depression and a journey towards conscious sexuality are  HERE

My current offerings:
  • Healing massage and reiki therapy
  • Happiness-mindset coaching
  • Holistic intuitive guidance
  • Tantric principles and massage teaching 
  • Counselling and mentoring
Techniques I use for restoring wellbeing of body&mind&spirit include but are not limited to:

  • Reiki - Gentle Japanese 'Massage'. Relieves pain, stress, brings love, peace, and may help align the body
  • EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique by tapping at meridians¹
  • Visualizing Nature Elements for Handling Emotions
  • Guided Meditation
  • Introduction to DoTerra Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils²
  • Tantra massage³
Contact me for more details on my website - (new website coming soon...)

'Transitioning' and my introduction to Tantra e-book are great tools to start with!

I love helping people feel better about themselves. My other passions are writing, dancing, yoga, travel and plant-based nutrition.
When I sum up all my inner strength, eat a piece of (healthy) chocolate cake and drag myself onto the floor, I can survive an hour of pilates, too (ugh 😫).

I studied Bachelors of Humanities, Society and Culture, Certificate in Marketing and Communication and currently I am working on a Diploma of Community Services in Darwin, NT. 
I am a certified massage therapist, Tantra and Reiki practitioner and a life coach. I offer counselling sessions, life, health & sex coaching, and I assist as a break-up support.
I am intuitive, clairsentient and often told that I have a truly healing touch - which is a great enhancement to my massage practice! 
I am very grateful that my current self-employment gives me enough flexibility to study and travel, too.

Apart from the above, I am interested in helping young people with their challenges in this modern world. I’d like to find ways in which I could prevent sexual abuse or offset its negative effects. 

I see that there is a need to contribute to the planet now more than ever so we could live in harmony with one another and the environment.
Although I am not a radical vegan, in fact - an organic creamy goat cheese is my weakness and I am prone to give in to my weaknesses, I do think that vegetarian/vegan diet is the way towards a greater peace and wellbeing. 
But of course, there are other aspects to diets and eating. I believe it is the energy with which we prepare our food and then eat it that counts.
Therefore, if one must, I advocate eating ethically raised and ethically killed animals.

Just between us, being a versatile woman loving her life spicy, I also hostess at promo events, model for photographers or participate in music video shoots (I did that once.) At times I also worked in hospitality and retail stores. I always loved my jobs and the people I worked with, including my managers who were Leadership-superstars!

Life is an adventure, and it should be embraced as such.

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¹ http://www.thetappingsolution.com

² What is Tantra Massage?
The therapist communicates with your body, assisting it to enter a state of higher consciousness, deep relaxation of body&mind, and guides you to utilize your own sexual/kundalini energy within you to uplift yourself, connect to the source, fall in love with life again, and to strengthen your immunity!
What I learned from exploring my sexuality is here.


ABN: 16576576360

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