Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Find your cup of tea

What to think when someone tells you that they are not ready for a relationship? 
The answer is - Nothing. Of course.
Respect their decision and just move on.

It is not our job to figure out if these people are kidding us or kidding themselves. There could be so many reasons for their saying that.

I know that some of us are tempted to think the following:

  • They don't like us enough
  • There is someone else they have a crush on and they'd rather be in a relationship with. In the relationship they're kidding us that they're not ready for.
  • Yes, they must be waiting for someone specific who's yet to make up their mind about finally sleeping with them, so meanwhile they were 'waiting' alongside us in the bed.

Or... in other (extreme) cases...

  • We believe that these people have certain issues with intimacy and that there is a deep fear of disappointment, rejection and getting hurt. Even committed relationships go wrong somewhere along the track.
  • We sense that opening up is not easy for the guy/girl in question, so we are all empathy and understanding toward their deep inner blocks.
The reality is probably lost somewhere in translation. And it is not our business.
It is not our job to dig where digging is not wanted.
We must let them to it! 

There could be zillions of reasons or just one - which we wouldn't necessarily approve of/like/understand/accept/think it's legitimate enough/etc. anyway.

Just know YOUR reasons for leaving, or staying in spite of the alarm bells.

All the best

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