What is sexuality?
That is the most frequent question during my workshops and seminars.

I'm sorry to shatter the illusions for you, but it is not just "people having sex" (see, I no longer use "two people having sex" because some could assume that being sexual involves three or more...)

Being sexual is not about having an intercourse, watching porn, being promiscuous, or cheating on someone with lesser sex drive. Although those actions can be manifestations of one's sexuality, it would be a shame to get stuck in something far less productive than exploring the deeper meaning of our sexual nature. This meaning enhances our lives, it doesn't harm anyone, and it brings on serene and blissful living. 
We were born with that vital (kundalini) force within us after all.

Sexuality is the feeling we get when the body, mind and spirit align... we get excited about life and fall in love with everything there is. We are open to receiving life's pleasures and we give back positive energy.
We can be sexual while cooking, dancing, doing yoga or just sitting in a meadow under a tree, watching the sunrise, and breathing deeply.

Once experienced, the electrifying feeling can be owned, "bottled up", and mastered for future use in any area of our lives.

Our sex drive doesn't predict to what extend we can get to know our sexuality. We don't need another person (not even a vibrator), to explore the depths of our sexual energy. This energy lies dormant along the spine, and when awoken, it connects all the 7 chakras and produces electric-like sensations. This vital force - kundalini - has nearly a mind of its own. It can energize us, make us vibrate, shake, have visions, have energy to manifest or create, and yes, it can lead to a very powerful climax. This release may be nearly involuntary.

What made me curious about my sexuality and what makes me eligible to teach such thing to others?
I had my share of experiences. I wouldn't take anything back, but at the same time, I am not saying that that was the best path to take. It was certainly my way of going to the extreme to explore the 'darker' side of things.
If I can help young people to NOT go that direction in order to prove themselves that sex is meaningless, only to discover that the deeper meaning isn't just about fucking around, then I would do anything to empower them to embrace sexuality in a different way than I did. I would love to encourage them to explore their sexuality in a safe space, according to their own biorhythm, without external coercion or the pressure of less enlightened peers.

My story is here: My Transformation

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