Monday, December 19, 2016

How to change a habit (patterns)

I've recently started following Dr. Joe Dispenza, reading his book Breaking The Habit Of Being Yourself, and watching his seminar series. I recommend signing up and watching them here.
Dr. Dispenza researched placebo effects among other things, and he is positive that if we effect the right emotions first, we change the body-experience. That is because emotions lead to specific thoughts, they then lead to specific behaviors, and those behaviors create our physical experience.
I have heard that before, but Dr. Dispenza is truly well-articulated and explains stuff in a much more comprehensible way.

The book title might seem "very against everything" I have ever written down here, but wait a minute before you judge...
Is being "yourself" always serving you? Does being the same old you always get you what you want? In other words - Do your outdated habits still bring you happiness (if ever)?

I have been asking myself those questions in 2016 like I had never done before.

I have patterns that are simply getting in the way of my getting what I want. I am no longer going to tolerate the "old me" sabotaging my new efforts towards one day being very proud of myself (some day soon).

I am about to embark on a new project in the next three months that could further shape my career, or perhaps not, but it will surely alter the way I interact in the world by doing this one good deed for a particular community.
I will share more details once I have a plan and a structure. However, knowing how self-conscious I still get about my new ideas, I'll probably just share the results...

The mix of exciting and intimidating might keep me up at nights. But I am determined to create new patterns for myself even in the area of sleep hygiene and bedtime. I don't want to function on just 5 hours of sleep - I know that if anyone can, it is me, and sometimes I don't quite know where I get my energy from when I live like that (no coffee). Is that meditation and reiki? Clean foods 90% of the time? Positivity? What it is for sure - it is a conscious effort to keep myself up and about and in a high spirit - and believe me, it is not much fun. This behavior should be automatic if you sleep well.
So, no more midnight posts... I really do try to post every day, but sometimes I pay the price in the form of shortened sleep.
Time to make new declarations and then keep my integrity fulfilling them!

[Haha, not gonna make them just yet, so I can't break them]

That was the old me laughing at my sneakiness. Yes, I will have to make them public. I will. Soon.

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