Friday, December 16, 2016

About A Girl

*If you can make it through Alicia Keys' album The Element of Freedom without crying, you are healed!
I did.

For some time I have been noticing this petite girl (with the most perfect butt) at a place I regularly go to. Maybe it's because she usually has a very good-looking, tall, young man by her side. He gives the impression of being either oblivious to her charms (like a casual friend), or their possibly romantic relationship doesn't require any public display of affection. Either way, he looks like he's taken and busy.
So, who am I kidding!? :) Of course I have been noticing him more than her! Up until yesterday though. 
She was alone and had more space to express herself to eventually blow me away by her adorability! She has a fit body, a cute smile, and has a stamina to die for (literally)! Moreover, she kept making fun of herself in a very attractive demeanor!

When this perfect little girl gave me her brightest and biggest smile, I just couldn't be mad at her for (most likely) going out with that tall, gorgeous-looking man.

I dreamt about her last night. I really don't remember the context (I swear), but by the time I woke up I was sure I was in love with her!

*My favorite songs of today:

"Try sleeping with a broken heart"

"Unthinkable (I'm ready)"

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