Friday, December 23, 2016

Creating safe space for others

5rhythms class gets me to fall in love with life and myself again and again.

I’m not such a Christmas orphan after all! A dozen of people confirmed their attendance at my party tomorrow evening. And I suspect it might be 15 of us.

What it tells me is that sharing my life and my breakthroughs connects me to people, makes me friends and brings me long-term benefits for my mental happiness. Who would have thought that I’d ever hold a party? On the day of Christmas Eve? And that people would be interested in coming? If I weren’t with my ex and his family last Christmas, I would have had a party consisting of Me, Myself, and I. It wouldn’t have been a pity-party, but it would have been pitiful - just because of my outdated decision to remain quiet and in the shadow. All these beauties who are coming tomorrow have known me only since August; Since the day on which I decided to start baring my soul and embracing my vulnerability

My fear of judgment is getting week. Finally.
2017 is going to be awesome. I already know it because I will be fearlessly sharing, networking, and genuinely INTERESTED IN OTHER PEOPLE.

Don’t fear judgment, fear isolation.
- my words after lessons learned.

December 26th, 2016 - small update
Including me it was 15 of us on Christmas Eve. Nothing crazy and by 1am I was already in bed. I also called my mum and my sister to wish them merry Christmas as the 24th is the most important day back at home. Still gotta catch up with my dad!
I had a "family linner" the next day - a dear friend of mine invited me over for a late lunch, early dinner and I got to see her daughters and grand children again.
I didn't feel like an orphan at all! :)
I wish you all happy festivities!

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