Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Freedom to be YOU

As I'm getting more and more comfortable with who I am, I began experiencing other people as my allies.
It is a heart-warming feeling to feel like I belong. Like the real me is safe to shed the protective layers, the made-up stories (the lies), and peek out of the covers further and further. I bare it all slowly, step by step, noticing the reactions in my surroundings, and it is all just fine.
Baring it all - showing the unpretentious real you, no matter how broken you are or the messed up life you've had - is actually not as scary as it first appears in your mind. You just have to start, and learn along the process. You won't lose anyone, only egos of those who are on a journey that has been trickier than yours, and currently they are not ready to accept that you are winning yours. Be patient. It may change for them too. Because...
Living authentically and speaking one's truth is incredibly liberating, and it subsequently inspires many.

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