Thursday, December 15, 2016

Anxious, but real I.

Wow, calling the fire brigade this evening just about demonstrates my anxious personality.
I had been listening to a suspicious beeping for about 15 minutes after I got home when I decided it was time to check what was up. I got alarmed by the lingering smell of something burning more than by the subtle beeping (would a fire alarm be so gentle?). It seemed to come from one corner of the apartment but there was nothing there, so I opened the main door and an intense odor hit my face. I thought it was coming from the unit next door. My heart was racing! I knocked and knocked… well, you heard the story before.

Those masculine fire-men seemed understanding despite assessing the situation as someone burning an incense. Of course, the beeping had gone off just about 5 minutes before they arrived.

I must have looked crazy. But you know, better safe than sorry. What’s worse, I thought there was a person in there burning alive or suffocating by gas…
And yes, I did pack up a small bag to be ready to quickly evacuate.
I was impressed by my speed and by the handful of items I considered as necessary (passport, laptop, journal and money).

Anyway, I am glad it was a false alarm!

More about anxiety and self-doubt next time. It will be more of a serious topic.

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