Friday, December 9, 2016

We find reasons for doing what we do. Why not questioning them?

Thank you all for reading the previous post and reacting to it
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It looks like I need to clarify something.

It was addressed to everyone, yet not about everyone. If you are a moderate drinker - without depression or anxiety… no need to freak out. 
The fact that my depression was triggered - or any blues that were already there deepened - by starting to abuse alcohol at the age of 15 is not unique; However, it does not imply that all teenagers who went wild had acquired depression at that age or later.

In spite of admitting that there are quite resilient human specifies out there - I have read and seen enough evidence that there IS a correlation between drinking alcohol (several times per week) and a depression.

Additionally, if you feel uncomfortable reading my article or you are resisting taking in my opinion, maybe it says something about the power of your habit of drinking coffee and wine on daily basis, and the reluctancy to give it up (even if just for a while) to see who you are underneath. The person with a NEED for something?
Your transformation into someone you can rely on for an advice starts with questioning why you do what you do. I was not preaching to have you quit - I was saying a story to make you question your habits and the underlying reasons for them.

I had been slightly addicted to the feeling alcohol gave me at some point of my life, that was why I had to quit and look for sustainable ways to make myself happy whenever I NEEDED or wanted. 

Drinking alcohol and coffee per se in moderation shouldn’t be wrong as long as you believe it is doing its magic for you and all others who may be involved.

This is just some food for thought for those curious about enhancing their lives by naturally internal, not external means. Is the human mind stronger than a substance?
Ok, I'll stop now! :)

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