Tuesday, December 13, 2016

If all our flirts were honest

... The book I'm reading inspired me to write a silly little dialogue.

Her: Hi, I am a woman who loves too much and loves herself the least.

Him: Hi, I am a man who needs that to feel validated.

Both: Nice to meet you.

Her: So, a little about me. I have a strong need to be needed, and I’d rather pick men who look a little mysterious, cold or avoidant, because my fear of abandonment signals me that we are safe, this wounded underdog is not going to leave us. But later I find out that these seemingly distant men are about as innocent as I have ever been (never).
All of a sudden they turn into the most handsome men on the planet and my obsession has no limits.
So please, if you are emotionally or physically unavailable, keep on pursuing me, that will give me the buzz when I finally 'get' you.
As we get close and you will become more serious about me - let alone wanting me despite my showing you all my shit and all my secrets - eheh nah - that was not part of the deal, you’ll get me running, fast.
But don’t worry, as soon as your pursuing tires out again, or you get a new woman, I’ll be right back.

Him: Perfect! You are exactly what I have been looking for, even more! What a bargain!
Please let me take care of you, and in return for my attention, I’ll make you my designated confider. That is where I’ll be really able to show you how needy I am! 
I have always had the best relationship with my mother, and you cannot imagine how much I am missing that nurturing and all-accepting side of a woman. If you are a great cook, and you can keep the house clean, that is a plus, but I can trade that for some bedroom entertainment.
However, if your attention starts to diminish, I won’t ever ask what is going on, and I’ll find a substitute woman. But you know, it will be only the kind who can love too much, preferably a single mother - wow, then I will really get some proper nurturing! 
Additionally, she will help me with my grief. Even if I won’t stop talking about you, it will draw her closer regardless and make her wish she were the one for me. But I don’t want to be with ‘the right one’ for me. I already chat with other women online and some are on a speed dial. My fear of abandonment is so well in check - haha, we are never going to be alone! But if someone comes too close, I might withdraw, then spread my nets on unattainable women again, so no one could really get to know me and I could remain the same old and never change.

Both: Wow, we are a match!

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