Friday, January 27, 2017

Dropping the stories

Right, my coach commanded me to drop any stories I make about events that happened, are happening, and will happen for the two following weeks. Two weeks of cutting the bullshit.

To tell the storyteller to stop strory-telling - ugh, somebody just took the life out of me. Or maybe.... he has just given me a new one.
I can't wait for what transformations this new policy might bring!

I have already dropped many stories about my mum and her relationship to me. I admit I did put her in a box as I thought I knew all about her thought process, all about her personality and all about her suffering. No, that was my story. I didn't know anything!
But apparently, I still file all my experiences into boxes with labels on them, and then I act accordingly. 
This new policy might become my new way of living.
Facts, and only facts.... 

Another example of holding on to stories: There's something really strange about the way Carl responds to my questions... I wanna hear yes or no, but he has a story. It is sometimes so long that he never gets to answer my question, because he drifts off onto another story! I'm getting frustrated.
I can see how my storytelling has been holding me back.

I'm finding myself unable to tell you about my day, about my little breakthroughs, about my reflections... bugger. How will I keep up with this blog?
Anyway, casual dates are still lined up and I am going to report with FACTS. No stories.

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