Friday, January 20, 2017

New ways to cause Magic

The only thing I know for sure when I'm dancing is that I am alive.

If that seems somewhat questionable, as well as "I think, therefore I am" - Descartes (just why his theory got questioned is for another story!), and thus, I might be imagining things, then I guess I could be a zombie, and we all are the living dead.


Alive or dead, I am still a quitter. So I left the dance floor earlier tonight. I though I must start doing things differently. Now. Think outside of the box. Create new neural connections in my brain. Start taking different routes back home, eat at different times, or do different things on Friday nights! Perhaps not every single Friday but tonight I could have stayed at home, especially when feeling a little sleep deprived.

I am much happier in the body and in my fantasy world than in my serious brain. Dancing is a way to a happier state of mind. I might try dancing at home for few weeks and see what happens next. Will I get new neurons and new pathways in my brain??* 
Can I create miracles by diving deep into new realms of possibilities?

Careful, I am definitely creating something new. I am convinced that THE MOMENT WE VOICE SOMETHING OUT LOUD - IT COMES TRUE.
Something magical is at works. Watch out and join the creation process! ;)

* Hinting at Dr. Joe Dispenza's research (which I absolutely agree with).

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