Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Dating & Relationships

Some men don’t realize that if a woman doesn’t want to sleep with them, it doesn’t mean they are unlovable, big rejects, or there’s something wrong with them physically. My friend Trevor is a nice guy, but his past stories he holds on to make him act funny sometimes! His whole way of being around me screams “Notice me and take me to bed!” I am noticing but I am in no way taking him to my bed. Should I feel guilty?? 
I shouldn't, but I feel he misunderstands my stance and that makes me feel bad!!! 

He is attractive until he opens his mouth and starts talking about how little attention he gets from his woman at home and how demanding work is. I get it. Out of all people I know what it is like to be surrounded by people, yet still feeling alone for everything. 
But I am not abandoned and he is not abandoned. I feel loved by life and all the universal energy around me. I don’t suffer feelings of unworthiness of this divinity anymore and I don't feel lonely when I am alone - which is, like, every time I go to bed and get up ?

I don’t know why he needs to collect these proofs of lovability by sleeping with women of "high degree of difficulty", other than his partner of course. I appreciate that he is very direct with me and doesn’t hide his pride when he admits to having slept with many hot women in the past. Him and his partner have a fairly open relationship. He is not abandoned for f* sake!

Anyway, I overbooked myself with dates this week. I have another one tonight (with Carl), one tomorrow (photographer), one on Friday (client), one on Saturday (Tom) , and a brunch with a girl-friend on Sunday (hot hot Rochelle). 
This is what I call "being a YES woman". Bring it on!

Regarding the term “date”. I am adamant that date it is every time you meet someone for a chat with or without a meal. 
Trevor was surprised that during one of my monologues I casually referred to our quick lunch meeting today as a date. He caught me by the word and said that if he had known, he would have paid for my lunch. Haha, I am well aware that he didn’t!!!!!! 

Paying for a girls lunch is a beautiful courtesy from a man, in my opinion, whether they are on a romantic date, a casual date, or a friendly date. He still makes a lot more money than me. (And I could have had carrots and a protein shake at home lol)
Luckily, I felt like I wanted to treat myself. 
That being said, it could have been Trevor’s way of getting back at me for the last time I offered him just some carrots for a bite (broken fridge did not allow for much) AND when casually asked if I enjoyed sex, I said yes, I did, but that I would never ever sleep with him! 
I might have come across too abrupt that night - but hey, it was one of those days. I had enough of men trying to get inside my pants, and if he wasn’t, he just asked the wrong question!!
Very selective is my (new) stance on all this casual sleeping around. I’m waiting for something new!

What’s your take on the word “relationship"? I believe I have relationships with everything and everyone I see on a regular basis. My relationship to Trevor is a friendly and New Age thought provoking kinda one; My relationship to Jane is a supportive, loving and inspiring one; My relationship to Adam is a sexual one; M
y relationship to Tim is a relaxed, fun and mentoring one; My relationship to my coaches is a cooperative, inquisitive and loyal one. 
I am so grateful for everyone who interacts with me, inspires me, gives me courage, has me share my authenticity and gifts, and makes me yet more alive!

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