Sunday, January 22, 2017

Tantra & kindness heal

I just remembered that two weeks ago I replied to a guy's message :
I'll get back to you later, and I never have!!!
I guess it's too late to do it now. I should stay true to my October post and keep up the silence. (no-bullshit)


This post is in no way meant as an attack on men, their masculinity or their bodies.
Please be aware that I love men! 
Maybe too much sometimes!

Treating female's bodies to Tantra massage is so much more beautiful and spiritually arousing practice for me than treating males. It brings me closer to my new-found purpose of looking after the emotional wellbeing of women and being a great role model for any disempowered women - guiding them back in touch with their sexuality.

Treating men can also be fulfilling, but not as much. 

Why? Because they carry too much shit!

You are guessing it right, the meaning is ambiguous. Men are differently built (again, ambiguous); they are trained to be tougher and keep lotta stuff to themselves - they carry so much more bottled up shit inside than women do, and I feel it while being so close to them in my massage room.

I distance myself from it, but I have to cleanse and heal my energy field afterward. Tantra is one of the best ways for men to heal on a deeper level without going under the surface of their issues using their analytical minds (it wouldn’t work anyway). 

Prostate, according to Louise Hay, relates to masculinity, and also to the man’s relationship with his father. Prostate stimulation is a great tool for releasing all that shit that has been thrown on masculinity and the father/son bond.

I feel it!

Then there’s the aspect of literal shit - I am sorry, men carry a lot more shit inside - mentally, spiritually, and physiologically! It must be biological, given their built; plus spiritual, given society's conditioning dictating what the male prototype should behave like! 

*I also hope that when my clients decide to take a real shit at my home - they have all the best intentions!

Having spoken my mind, and I always do (I know this blog is not for the faint-hearted), I am still sincerely grateful to be the facilitator and the gate opener to their male healing.
The other day I received a bisexual, or a gay client. I think so, because I've come across to few before and I curiously questioned them. However, I didn’t need to talk much to this guy. He was all open-mind and open-heart. I listened to his body, I heard things and I saw things… He was physically healthy, but something in him was starved for love.
I knew what he needed to hear at the end of his booking, and I said it. It was loving it created a tender connection.

He texted me the same words back some time later.

It's funny that masculine men have a lot of stuck energy “down there” - in the annus. The prostate holds the masculine and its issues. These men are usually happy to be treated there, because they are not afraid it could take away their heterosexuality. As if! 

Some prejudiced, pious or religiously raised men do not want to be touched on that dirty spot whatsoever, and I can see why - all the crap they hold on to would just come crashing down (metaphorically, of course).  
But regarding feminine men… they have the least mental/spiritual (and other) shit accumulated around that G-spot. Isn’t that fascinating? One would guess that their masculinity must have  “suffered” somewhere along the way, therefore, the prostate could be all ‘damaged’ and such… but in fact, it might not be so simple. It might actually be their femininity that suffers in a masculine-built body. Their 'gay' prostate doesn't seem to suffer for the lack of masculine-heterosexual energy, which the ones with the most shit misunderstand, it embodies the masculine in ways us heterosexuals probably won't ever get.
I am, myself, very impressed of what I've discovered!

Nevertheless, anything can suffer if we let it. Please do not suffer because of the nature of this post. It was meant to entertain you a little.

Again, I love men, their masculinity and their bodies!
Being kind to people no matter their sexual preferences, and being kind to oneself no matter our sex, sex drive, or sexual preference - it is what heals!

Well, I am off to search for some more women to be treated and healed!

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