Wednesday, January 18, 2017


How do we know who we really are? Is it what we do, what we like to do, what we like to read, what we like to eat that makes us - if it's not the clothes that we wear? 

I sometimes wonder if I'm pretending to sweat about the end results that much, or on the other hand, if I'm pretending to not care at all. Am I constantly overthinking what I'm feeling?
My feelings are not reliable - that must be why I change my mind often. 
I see that men don't think as hard as women do - contrary to popular beliefs. They ACT. And they either take action or not. Women stand in one place, feel and talk too much..

My friend Jane suggested that stagnation can be actually a good thing. When she catches it's happening... she evalutes the actions, feelings and thoughts that have led to it... and that's when she invites a new circulation in.... How beautifully poetic and smart!

In what mode can the answers come to us if we are not "allowed" to think, to feel, nor to take abrupt actions without enjoying the stagnation first?

Mmm... the answer has come to me just now.

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