Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Magic, Nature, Words

I won't write about How to bring more MAGIC into our lives after all because - I don’t know it. I’ve been waiting for the same thing. Meanwhile, I’m doing my best having my mind and my heart open. I’m probably constantly looking for some magic, thus the need for change and manifesting something new… time to put my feet up to see if Magic turns up on its own?

One way to to experience a little dose of magic is inhaling some essential oils. I’m not joking! Sometimes I forget what a treasure I store in my drawers (and on nightstands and in kitchen cupboards). I use them a lot on my clients but I keep neglecting inhaling specific ones myself when I get various conditions - stomachache, tiredness, lack of motivation, or anxiety.

Quality essentials oils alter the consciousness fast. Additionally, they are healthier than anything else out there!

Yet, humans forget to trust in nature and its power… We tend to believe it is not “strong” enough to solve our healing needs just like paracetamol, chocolate, alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, or drugs would do.
Isn’t that a big paradox?

I belong to that category too sometimes, of course.
But I also believe that if you’ve got a cold, try brewing some garlic, ginger, lemon juice and a dash of manuka honey. Drink the concoction (chewing the goodies inside is optional), and you can ditch the paracetamol!

Mornings are great for my reflections and writing as I feel still relatively pure - unpolluted by mundane errands, people (energy vampires) or by unreal worries (there will be time for that later on).
But today I had to hold it off. I’ve interviewed someone super-interesting from a Queensland’s governmental organization regarding my community project. I've mentioned something in my previous posts (yes, it might be outrageous), however, the idea is still shaping and all the relevant actions are still too chaotic to present. If it turns out well, I will share about it!

I sense something new in the air. I can’t put a label on it just yet, but I have a feeling that working towards a new life purpose is long overdue. Have I ever had a purpose?

Although I still feel like running away (oh, big time), something about the Australian air inspires me to want to do something bigger than myself. I am still scared, and escaping in my mind, but I keep going… 
Bring on the essential oils for positivity and motivation!

In Eat Pray Love, the character of Elizabeth Gilbert played by Julia Roberts learns that each place has a word for a common intention hanging in the air over it. In Italy it is SEX, in New York it is ACHIEVE and in Sweden it is CONFORM. 
Let me tell you - in Czech Republic it is HIDE.
And I did that very well, never mind the long ceased threat of communism.

What is the word for Australia? *
I have some ideas, but I am still exploring…

*I wish that one day more people would follow me, and those who already do (and I know it is more than how many have subscribed to my newsletter) would be brave enough to comment. Some day it will happen ;)

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