Monday, January 23, 2017


I wonder if I loose my male audience, if I decide to write another post complaining about men. I don't want that to happen!

I truly do love men and I often think that they are much more fun and all action than most women. The majority of men is so beautifully less complicated. I love their "do or don't do" mentality. There's no trying to take an action, no talking about taking it over and over with friends, nor losing their sleep by obsessing over it. It's done, or not done. Women can dream on indefinitely...
Sure, men succumb to stress, anxiety and depression just as any human beings, and then they overanalyze. Men can drive themselves crazy with workaholism or other addictions, but at the same time their actions are still pretty straight forward. Many women identify with their emotions too much and then sabotage their efforts. Hello...
So, this is my apology to you, dear men. Despite the crap that you're holding on to, and which you are reluctant to give up, I still adore you, your ways, and I love treating your masculine bodies!

My date over the weekend proved to be a different cup of tea than what I've dated so far. Well, I'm practicing saying yes... But how many times is sufficient for the success of my new motto before I blow up? I would like to acknowledge him, let's call him Carl, for persisting even though I showed him all the shit that I've got. 
It was an experiment!
I thought I would tell him everything about me and my past on the 2nd date. I would recommend that only if you are doing an experiment, don't feel like wasting your time, or you really don't care about a 3rd date.
It turned out he could handle me. Ahhh, bugger

It downed on me that it is not so important what you share on the 1st or a 2nd date. It's how you share it, and how much you're willing to open your your heart and your mind to the other person's story.
Although I sometimes think that Carl and I speak to each other in different languages, he's still quite intriguing (perhaps because I don't understand him??).
Right now I don't think he's the man I'd like to keep spending my free time with, however, he's still a lot nicer than most of the guys that I did spend my free time with. I am getting to know a different sort of men, and he seems to be a step up.. A third date is on.

May the next guy be gorgeous inside out. I might have been intimidated to date real lookers before, who knows why, but I can't do that anymore. Looks don't matter as long as the pure soul shines through, and we are compatible. Glowing people are beautiful and tend to be good friends! That's how I'll know.
I was not attracted to the average looking men for their average looks but for all the shit they carried. It felt familiar and comfortable. 
Now I'm creating someone more aware of his behavior and brave enough to be real. I'm sure I can handle if he's sexy as hell!

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