Monday, January 30, 2017

Masculine & Feminine

What do you think about the masculine and feminine energies within one's body?

I think I'm a typical feminine woman - free, feeling, chaotic, creative and I like to receive. There are moments when I need to tune into my masculine and use some of its aspects - analytical, organized, action-oriented, and giving. I love both sides.
However, in love I prefer being more of the former. 
(Even though I'm a natural giver!)

It seems a recurring characteristic of those heterosexual males who are "worth it", to fight for the women they choose. During my talk with my happily married friend, Rochelle, I got yet another confirmation.
Men who are comfortable in their masculine energy are actually the ones who are brave enough to keep pursuing the one they want.
It happened few times in my life, and although my escapism triumphed, those men stayed in my life as friends (I regularly keep in touch with "Russel" and "Gilbert" even though we all have moved on onto other relationships)

It never happened with predominantly feminine, weak, confused men - or men afraid of using their masculine energy in relationships. They never got me. They ceased to fight the moment first trouble appeared or the moment I began to withdraw. 
The battle of feminine energies - there's no such thing!
Feminine is up for a flight, a free-fall.... bye, bye, see you later 
Fight is the competitive side of the masculine.
Not enough masculine men didn't feel like fighting or trying to win me over. Too intimidating?

Feminine women love masculine men who persist.
Even if she acts otherwise. 
Oh, well...

Persisting can have the form of "My door is always open. I'm here whenever you need me."

I had a spontaneous lunch with Carl, who had texted me a very gentle message stating the above. 
I am grateful that guy wants to stay in my life somehow. Until, I guess, one of us develops feelings for someone else - someone better suited.
After all, we have only just met, he knows I am not interested in becoming his girlfriend and so he has no obligations towards me. His infatuation will most likely fade away as quickly as it began.
But for now, I am happy to receive his gifts of the masculine - It feels so good to be graced by a man's masculinity and be given an insight into a masculine man's world while I'm resting in my sensual, receptive feminine. 

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