Sunday, January 15, 2017

Saying YES and NO

Another eventful Saturday, less funny than the last one, thus, all the more fulfilling day.

The super hectic morning and rushing to the train to GC on time left me sweaty and sort of agitated.
I’ve had an irritating feeling that everybody wanted a piece of me and I always consented. My fault, isn't it?
I knew that I'd feel like some wine as soon as I'd sit down on Tom’s porch nestled in the tranquil wilderness.
That kind of a funny feeling always asks for some trouble!

Conversing, drinking a little of red and having the privilege of this ol’ Australian lad confiding in me few more stories from his life made my day. New secrets and wicked past experiences are being shared one at the time each time I visit. 
The realization that I'm being trusted is indescribably warming and it does make me feel like a million bucks.

I hold such an aversion to the closed-off Australian male mentality! Their "men are tough - do not ever cry - never confide nor share your feelings" upbringing must have not only sucked but today it is so frickin' unfair towards us, emotional women who have to put up with you, stubbornly quiet men!

Anyway, Tom is getting better with me.

Checking in with my post-wine status - hungover is not on today’s itinerary. I am not sure if I am too happy about that though - did I raise my tolerance? Should I avoid coming to see Tom when in a dangerous mood to wind down by means of alcohol? Should I just not come anywhere near people with always nicely stacked bar fridges and their frequent rituals of having evening drinks?

Maybe it is just a matter of learning to be assertive (again).
Feeling overwhelmed by the demand at work is in fact MY choice. Saying YES to tight schedules is also only MY business to manage.
I can have a guilt-free wine, or I can gulp it down with a big side dish of guilt.

When are we saying NO to drama while saying YES to aliveness and sense of wellbeing? When we go ahead and do the extra work, help others some more, have the gult-free drink, or when we don't?
I will leave that question open.

I need to revamp the website a bit, so I might not write long posts for few days while I dedicate the extra time to getting my head around this.


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