Monday, January 9, 2017

Boredom and Circulation

I’ve been thinking about the ways one can get bored. Admittedly, I thought that had never happened to me!

I used to pride myself in telling people how great it felt having my own time for "nothing". The privacy to bury myself in books, do some journaling, stretching or just being and dreaming in my mind - but that can grow into a form of stagnation, and therefore, a type of boredom too.
Turns out that boredom happens to me all the time!

I introduce a new habit into my life, a new fitness routine, new breakfast, new evening rituals, and guess what, in few weeks it integrates into my regime and I become bored with it!

I was fascinated by an article from Jeannine Murray about circulation. How important it is to circulate new energy in one’s life to avoid stagnation which inevitably shows up in the body in the form of stuck energy - you know, tight shoulders, knee pains and all that. It rang the bell.

So, a self-proclaimed adventurist who never gets bored, gets bored just as easily.

Maybe painfully so more often than many other people I know. It’s the reason why I leave countries behind, change jobs, change apartments, change my diets, the way I eat, the way I sleep and rise up…. Feels like running on autopilot. This style of living is intimately familiar to me by now. 
I don’t have to make a conscious effort to change. I consciously focus on escaping the outdated reality. That’s how I bring in new energy into my life - new circulation. Some people choose to accept the boredom and create small escapes like browsing social media, switching on the TV, having a drink, or going to sleep earlier… Still, no new circulation. 
Life resumes the next day and stagnation continues.

I can see how the escapist-mentality excels in bringing new circulation. It doesn’t create just small escapes within the unbendable rut. It breaks the rut apart. One day doing this, the next day doing that - for how long? Till we get bored with it!

I got bored with whatever arrangement I had with Adam. Not as much with him (in fact, I believe one doesn’t get bored of others - if so, there’s an underlying issue within the agitated one) but with the situation. It was always so frickin’ PREDICTABLE!

And that’s enough of a reason to change the repertoire and find something better to do. Not someone better to do, ha, but something that will enliven me once more. I don’t like to stagnate. No one does, but some don’t recognize when they do - that’s fine with me. But I’m outta here!

My next post will be about MAGIC. It’s a word I keep seeing and hearing around lately. Is bringing more Magic into our routines the way to more satisfying life experiences?

Words are powerful. During 5rhytms, Honor shouted out power, purpose, passion and those words resonated with the vibe on the dance floor and we all felt them saturating the body; circulating through the bloodstream, and making us feel just that.

Expect the unexpected. Miracles do happen. 
I could use one now...

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