Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Say NO to breadcrumbs and YES to a whole loaf of bread

I had to process the fact that I had been unwittingly settling for mean breadcrumbs. My sense of humor came back as soon as I understood my thinking better. 
Imagine, the person you still have a weakness for keeps throwing you tiny crumbs of affection and periodically feeding you like this.
Why does one keep going after these scraps? There must be a whole loaf of bread somewhere! We're not fowls to settle for breadcrumbs. But can you see it?
Well, there's a bit of psychology behind this game.
The 'feeder' thinks my and your starving will have us pecking infinitely, and it makes him/her feel like they have secured an ally for the rainy days.
As per our running after those loving crumbs, it solves the problem of putting ourself out there once again and make an effort to find the filling loaf (If it's too metaphorical - I mean the new man or a woman!)
I realised that being interested only in those little pieces thrown at me keeps me safely put and pacified, but also small and starving!
To get hungry, and disinterested in the scraps would mean I'd actually have to get up and go get the the yummy smelling, crusty at the top, squishy in the middle, wholesome, nourishing, enlivening loaf of bread. I can really almost taste it...
If you can imagine it, you can do it!

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