Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Being mindful (and considerate) #escapism

I have been unusually focused and productive these days. Could it be His demanding business trip, hence the absence of his texts? Ok, it's been just 24 hours. It is more likely my sleeping having gone back to normal.
I insist on giving myself credit for functioning so optimistically even when feeling the sleep deficiency, the PMS bloat, the stress of meeting deadlines at school, and the irritation caused by certain clients and also Rowena's escapism! Now, I have been the queen of all escapists, but this weekend my dear friend, Rowena, topped that.
A little story about her speedy trip up to Brisbane.
She has the most beautiful family in NSW, she has a steady job, great friends, and she has good health (still - looking at her horrific habits - I can't believe it!)
But the truth is, I have no idea what it is like to walk in her shoes. Maybe, if I had a house full of kids and animals (or just animals), my husband would expect hearty meals on the table every day, and my boss would be a dick (ehm), I would probably pack my cigarettes and whiskeys (chocolates, in my case), and drove 500km to do whatever I wanted and whenever I wanted, too. So my getting irritated (silently) by her forgetting to regularly update me regarding her plans was quite unsympathetic. My compassion and mercy returned when I finally hugged her.
It was a short visit, but I enjoyed showing her and her friend around.
I had lost some appointments while waiting for her to make up her mind about the itinerary, expecting her at this time, and the next moment at that time, but all good. Her fast and furious running around, not taking into consideration I also have a life is but a minor obstacle on my road. Picturing myself in her shoes right now, I would have stayed in Brisbane for good!
I have a great life. Even when I wish to have children (and a faithful husband like hers), I wouldn't exchange what I've got now and how I'm feeling about myself. Being mindful and present to whatever we've got is a direct access to feeling at peace. I had managed to feel this peace and positivity even when the outside world was all spinning last week. And let's hope it will keep on spinning!
After all, Rowena craved just the adventure that escaping brings. But you won't ever escape yourself :) Oh, how many times I have convinced myself of that!

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