Wednesday, November 16, 2016

There are DEEP-feeling men out there!

The November issue of Holistic Bliss magazine rocks!
It's focused on men's wellbeing this time, and it is so damn juicily organized to gradually open your eyes to a whole new, foreign world out there - if you're a woman. 
I find it so fascinating when men share their feelings and I melt seeing real emotions.
At last, I know what works for me! No cold, distance-keeping men, men drinking down their emotions, nor complete Jokers please. 
By the way, the other day I had the pleasure to meet a man who seems to be the type I admire and learn from. So kind, generous, composed, aware, gentle yet passionate about so many things, nature loving and just happy and totally in love with life.
I am not saying I want this particular man in a romantic way, but I am definitely on the right track.
It feels so good to attract people of similar energies. I can see how I used to be not so happy about myself and my life. Thankfully, things have shifted.
As I transform inside, so does the world outside.

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