Sunday, November 13, 2016

Just Be, Connect, and Share

"There's nothing to do, there's nowhere to get to" - Petra Lane

Well, tonight's cacao dance ceremony was beyond delicious!

I am so glad for Facebook. You can find every detail there! For the first time since signing up to keep in touch with my REAL friends, I actually started 'connecting' to people I meet even randomly. I no longer lie - saying I don't have a facebook account (meaning: I am not interested in what you've got to say, and I don't want you to really know me).
So, I collect friends now. And the new guy that looks kinda cute... is in a relationship. Haha!
I am glad I can see it online and despite my new attitude to the  'polyamoric' stance (It works for some people...!), I don't think I want to jump to it just yet. My heart is really expanding, so it can clearly hold many people.
So many possibilities out there! I want to keep my eyes open ;)

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