Sunday, November 13, 2016

Discover your love language

To my surprise, my preferred love language (the language of a person I desire) is "Acts of Service". After reading the detailed description, I see it sounds a lot like what I've always wanted from a man! 
My second highest is "Quality time". Being a zodiac sign Leo, I love and need undivided attention (maybe that's what caused some jealousy problems in the past...) 
"Physical Touch" and "Receiving Gifts" scored the lowest points.
I love hugs, but for example, hugging random people at spiritual events takes a bit of a courage from my side. I don't 'dig' it as much as cuddling with just the one I want to be intimate with when we're being alone - spending quality time together, yay! :) 
Regarding gifts... it never meant much for me. I prefer him saying I love you ("Words of Affirmation"), but at best I'd love him doing things for me over just talking about it.

I highly recommend you try this short quiz at for a better understanding of your needs in relationships, or just for fun!

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