Friday, November 18, 2016

Blame it on the moon?

During those seven consecutive days a month, every month, I push myself hard to not have a glass of wine.
Gotta say that resisting has been a challenge this time!
PMS and the full moon (supermoon) is a killer combination! I have not yet recovered. I could hardly get any sleep, perhaps due to overreactive adrenals, then I spent my days with a headache thinking about coffee (which I don't drink), yawning, but so full of energy again at bedtime.
Today I'm still dragging myself around and waiting to burst.
I'm aware what a one funny bundle I must have been this week!
I have to order myself to get up and go to my dance practice. In a sec. Make my way up there, then force the steps one by one...
I do stand by not drinking down whatever it is that I'm feelingšŸ‘

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