Wednesday, November 23, 2016

How real are your real emotions? #miracles

"Emotions are fine - just don't follow them" - Tibetan lama
That's precisely what I'm trying to say with some of my long posts :)
There will always be emotions and feelings that are going to drive us nuts. It's important to knowledge them for our long-term sanity, and then mindfully shifting the focus away. 
Breathing in and out, even shaking our heads in disbelief. 
Emotions seem so real in our reality, but in the expansive world that we may never fully understand, and we may never get to know the one 'reality' - they are but a passing occurrence. They come and go. Do you still think they really exist?
Like love or money worries. You worry and you worry... is that making you any money? Is that bringing you a partner? Are your worries any more real than the extra money or the new person you can't even touch yet?
How do we follow our dreams/intentions rather than the (maddening) emotions?

My getting all of a sudden so organized, and centered has one disadvantage. Things seem quite predictable now. I can schedule my days, I can plan my future a little bit, in fact, I think I must do so. I walk around feeling mostly good (comfortable) - but. 
But I also feel a little sucked out by the fact that this is it. Basically, where is any room for surprises? What if tomorrow turns out unexpectedly better than what I had imagined for myself? Why could not something extraordinary happen? My thoughts and emotions keep telling me "This is it, Pavlina. Tomorrow you're gonna get by just fine, like today and yesterday, and then you're gonna go to bed (alone) like today, yesterday, and the past year. Probably another 7 years without a serious partner. It's all good. Your life is good. If you get the blues, be more present at work, go to the gym, organize your closet, call somebody..."
Is this IT?!

What if there is more money in the reality that I've not yet had the pleasure to discover. Some opportunity that I don't even know that I don't know exists. Why not believe in miracles? Miracles can sound as such fatasyland-like features, but if you come to think about it - if you want something outside of your box, it might as well be given to you by a miraculous chance.
Let alone the new guy whom I have not yet met. I scheduled my days so tight, there is not enough room for him to step into my reality and sweep me off my feet. But what if my anxious feeling wasn't as real as it feels - and the room IS big enough for him to squeeze in...

I believe the way to follow our dreams, and our best thoughts, goes through believing in miracles. Anything totally extraordinary, wonderful and out of the blue can happen right now. It's all there out there in the reality that you and I have perhaps just forgotten about. Life can get predictable only when you believe it so. I choose to not act upon those emotions which tell me that "this is as good as it gets".
Let's get unreal.

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