Thursday, November 3, 2016

Le the new possibility hover in the air for a moment

Today I spent a really lovely day opening my mind and broadening my horizons. Instead of obsessing about stuff that happened and wasn't great, or stuff that has not yet happened and it frustrates me, I decided to be busy doing things I figured would give me nice, feel-good emotions.
I had a really fun and tasteful artistic photoshoot in the morning, and then, starving, I hurried to a lunch with a beautiful girl friend, Yang. We assessed all the changes that have happened since our last meeting at a self-development course 3 months before, and we acknowledged our progress. I cannot wait for the advanced course tomorrow.
My booking got cancelled, so I grabbed that extra time to run out to the park and do some exercise. I didn't sweat too hard, but something was better than nothing!
Later, my friend from dance classes, Trevor, picked me up and drove us to my favorite place for dinner. I really enjoyed the company and the conversation and I listened with an open heart and open mind. You don't necessarily need to adopt the other person't philosophy in order to understand where they're coming from. You can just ACTIVELY listen.
Active listening is when you don't make any judgment, you don't offer any advices, nor make suggestions for a change of perspective. (I was already actively heard in the past - it is so warming)

This time I am willing to let the new information sink in before I form an opinion.
That could be my new life philosophy - no opinion until I try to imagine adopting the new possibility.

After a peaceful walk along the river, talking some more about the unpredictability of living, he then drove me back home. No need to put your hopes up for anything spicy, you dirty people out there! :p

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