Sunday, November 13, 2016

Letting go... Can't afford to wait any longer.

Just looking at some of our photos, and they speak to me. We once loved each other, no doubt, and we were once so alike in our ways of getting by in life, dealings with our deepest yearnings, and all the defense mechanisms in love. We mirrored each other's imperfections perfectly.
I've outgrown him this year. I still have dysfunctional ways at times - but I am aware and I am transforming them every step of the way. He seems to be still stuck in his limited concepts of the world and the self; meanwhile, I have just released myself.
If he's not going to work on himself (he doesn't want to do what helped me), I truly must move on.
I am hurting myself and others by waiting for him to step up.
(Why am I still interested in breadcrumbs when there's somewhere a freshly baked loaf of bread???)
Saying he still has feelings for me is not enough in this case. It won't bring me babies! :)

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