Wednesday, November 9, 2016

What is love?

Today felt like a very special new day. I literally bathed in love. My yoga practice felt like making love! (No man in sight today, but I just felt some sexual breeze coming over me while doing all the postures. Yeah, unusual)
I shared with the yoga center receptionist about the recent course I did, and I was really surprised by her positive reaction. Was I afraid she'd think I was being a smarty-pants? 
I couldn't come up with the precise reason for my happiness until I went to the park to sit in silence.
There, I acknowledged myself for stepping outside of my ego last night. It had wanted to feel powerful and assertive. Perhaps because my mother's behavior in the past had unwittingly trained me into thinking that my assertiveness protected me from manipulation.. 
When put in front of a decision regarding my future last night, the impulse was to reject the opportunity.
However, saying NO just because - or because it makes me feel rebellious (and pisses all enthusiastic people off), is not really getting me anywhere....
Where do I want to be in few years? Sitting in a corner with my arms crossed, frowning my brows and pouting my lips?
Well, I am not 7 years old anymore to afford that!

I figured that LOVE is truly manifested when you care about other people more than you care about your own problems. All the stuff we hold on to and think it is so special (e.g. My parter just split up with me!) takes us away from what is really important --> Other People and The World we all live in. There are homeless people pissing and sleeping on benches in a park, there are prostitutes thinking they're no good for anything else, and there are abandoned children growing up feeling unlovable. 
I saw everything today.

So.. What can I do to contribute to a major shift in the lives of underprivileged people?
I don't know.
But I'll find out.

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