Sunday, November 20, 2016

About Keeping In Touch

If you decide to stay in touch with your ex and you happen to be in occasional, if not daily, conversation, I hope it feels fun and EFFORTLESS for you!
Today I laughed reading my ex's messages and watching a video he sent me. I appreciated how effortless and sincere it felt to amuse myself by parts of his life.
I truly have no agenda other than to completely heal any resentments, and be able to grow into a woman which will make someone else happy and more than grateful to have.

My friend Melanie's ex husband, whom she is still on good terms with, called her one day saying:
"Help! I'm afraid my wife will kill me, so I'm hiding."
She chuckled and asked: "What have you done?"
He said: "She's caught me cheating on her."

Before you judge - oops, too late? - pause. What your ex did or is doing is (finally) not your business anymore! Isn't that great?
You can actually laugh your head off now!
Melanie did find it funny.
You don't need to 'help', you can just be there, reassured, that whatever once compelled you to make the decision and split up with him/her, was absolutely the correct thing to do for your own WELLBEING.
Now you can enjoy the conversations while living your awesome life.

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