Tuesday, November 29, 2016

No getting over something - but getting over YOU!

I watched a video (in Czech) about a professor unexpectedly announcing a written exam. He hands out papers to the students and has just one question to ask - What do you see? Describe. 
On the paper, there is just one black dot. One tiny black dot in the middle of a blank, white A4 paper.

Students begin the task. When the professor receives the papers back, he reads them out loud, but says he will not mark them. 
His aim is to illustrate that all the people in the class focused only on the small black dot. Nobody wrote about the blank space. 
His conclusion is that that is what most people do in their lives - they focus on the black dot which represents, diseases, financial anxieties, and broken or lost relationships.
Nobody questions what lies on the other side - in the white space surrounding the dot. 
He suggests the students rather focus on the blank space and fill it with happiness.

I love that professor!
I agree, get out of your own way and look for the white space outside of the black dot!

Find the evidence that what you think you feel is not true.
I did today.
Once again I had a scary thought that I wouldn't get over my ex fully anytime soon. Regardless, I got out of my messy apartment and tried to see the city as if it was the first time. I fell in love with Brisbane again, plus I met an attractive man whom I had a very inspiring conversation with. Isn't that good enough for one Tuesday evening?

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