Sunday, February 12, 2017

Cacao Ceremony

Just wanted to drop a line that tonight's cacao ceremony fulfilled all my expectations and beyond. I had found what I was looking for only few minutes after ingesting the sacred drink. My breakthrough brought tears into my eyes but made me feel relieved, loved and protected at the same time.
I will write more about the feeling process after my morning program with Rowena.
Regarding my intention, I definitely received answers along with couple of next steps to take.
Not knowing what for yet - what the end result is, shouldn't be a problem. I trust God has the details.
I see the bigger picture more clearly now. 
The bigger picture is the same for all of us - happiness. We're going about it differently. Some ways bring us love, connection, peace and freedom, some don't.
Finally I feel like I deserve the former - the easier - the good stuff!

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