Wednesday, February 8, 2017

The Spiritual Expressions Of Sexuality

Should I let people know that sex is spiritual?
Would it enhance at least one person's life?
Can we liberate ourselves and stop thinking that an embraced sexuality is outrageous or dirty?
Would people then start acting more loving and understanding towards one another?

My community project intends to accomplish all that and beyond.
Sexuality is not at all just about people having sex. 
Sexuality is a healthy attribute of our living, and breathing humanness. It is deeply connected to the body, mind & spirit.
Not only the art of Tantra, but also dancing, yoga, meditation, kundalini practices, breathing, and of course loving feelings towards ourselves and others can lead us to accessing the depths of one's sexuality. 

I want to talk about masturbation, imagination, the gaze (wanting to see and be seen), Greek Gods and Goddesses, lust, femininity & masculinity, fetishes, sex industry, and health benefits of orgasms - ecstatic living.
I'm sorry, human sexuality is not just about having an intercourse!

I will start with an informative evening on the 18th of March.
I have a lot to share, and I am confident it will come across clear enough to empower those who want to free themselves out of their shells. 
My accent, grammar issues, my colorful past, and all that authenticity about me - bring it on!
I am not afraid of judgment because I don't judge - I still critique the things I do, occasionally, but not for long as I know that my essence is pure love, forgiveness, and compassion - not just regarding others, but regarding myself too.
My awareness of my behavior is at its peak, and it stops the judging voice in my head very soon after it opens its mouth. Years of practice.

The voice in our head will never leave. We can only learn to shut it up. 

Who's up for exploring the mysteries of Sexuality and Tantra Massage?

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