Thursday, February 9, 2017

Seeing the beauty&humor in all relationships

Little did I know while publishing Endings<-->Beginnings on Sunday that in few minutes Adam would get back to me with "a plan". Am I positive that I didn't know it?
Yes, yes, I started sleeping with Adam again. 
And I'm so enjoying the breadcrumbs!
Was that too predictable?

Perhaps if he'll keep taking me out for a dinner once in a while, the whiny child in me gets to feel somewhat validated.
It's not about the dinners after all. Has that been an outdated matter of principle for me?
When I don't whinge, I like the 'arrangement'. In other words, having him on top of me for the most part!

I am looking forward to hanging out with people I don't necessarily want to sleep with this weekend.
I found a really sassy soul-sister in Rochelle, and I can't wait what inspiring and crazy ideas will come out of this new friendship!
Rowena is coming from NSW to faithfully meet up with me. I love that we keep in touch even though her pain-in-the-ass boss is Him, my ex.

Carl called me today and I was happy seeing his name on the display as if a long-time missed friend phoned me, not someone I went on a couple of dates with. Sadly, his manner of narrating hasn't gotten any more comprehensible.
He invited me for Sunday's lamb roast. To his place. He insisted I absolutely needed to experience this Australian tradition. Apparently, it is a custom to savor the roast with a bottle of red wine, too. 
I asked how many people were coming. He said it would be just the two of us...

So, the guy either hopes for an entertaining, friendly company (mine)... or he's not giving up!

Will I give in? That's a provocative question. 
Nah, I think I should change my mind about coming altogether!
He is very interesting, but I prefer not to complicate my life at the moment. Am I looking too much into it? Again?!

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