Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Tantra on ME

Last night was scandalous. Very different experience for me. Two hours of undivided attention all for my tantalizing pleasure!

I had the most gentle Tantra massage done on ME, which was far better than the ones I received back in November 2015, 
when learning the Art of Tantra. There is always a room for surprises!

I had introduced my friend to Tantra in early December, and he surprised me by making the effort to study about it and learn the skills himself. Walter flew in from Sydney last night and spoiled me rotten.

He said he felt grateful for discovering something like this for himself, and as a tool for treating the special people in his life. Well, I felt absolutely special.

I loved his technique and all the smooth moves flowing across my entire body. I have to update (and upgrade) my own methods, especially for my female clients. 

Q: What do I think about the spontaneous, tingling, crazy whole-body orgasm I experienced at the end of Tantra?
A: So powerful! But because every orgasm is different, it would be unfair to compare them. Regarding the climax last night, it was the inevitable combination and accumulation of more than 2 hours worth of sensitizing my body with the human touch, relaxing to the tunes of SkyDancing Tantra, having very strange visions popping up into my mind, and conscious breathing techniques. 
The body was supercharged with thousand watts! 
It seemed like my breathing alone had led me to the shaking O. I simply decided to lead myself there and 'switch all the lights on'.

I loved the practice and I would do it again, but - not so soon.

The beauty of Tantra orgasm lies in its longevity. I feel 'maxed out' still 12 hours later. I know that one has to dedicate a proper time for switching off and being pampered, it should be a treat. I could be pampered any day, don’t get me wrong, yet that kind of a climax… I don’t actually want to have it every day! It takes a lot of energy in and out. 
It's not exhausting per se (I did sleep like a baby though), it is in fact a universal workout for the entire body, mind and soul. If it’s done properly, once in a while is just enough. Maybe that’s what Osho meant by “cosmic love” which is sufficient being made only once a year…
Wow… I understand that now! I still feel at peace and ‘fulfilled’.

Q: Does that compare to having sex? 
A: It depends! 
I just mentioned above that there are many types of orgasms and I don’t want to compare them, so regarding "the process" of making love to another human being, someone you care about - nope, I wouldn’t swap that for a Tantra massage by a Tantra facilitator.
However, if there's no emotional intimacy and transparency - go for Tantra instead!

Sex with all the little perks - The closeness, the warmth of the other person between your legs, their sweat, their kisses on your neck… It produces a different type of orgasm. I love the process alone. Emotional connection and chemistry are essential for me now, so I wouldn’t have sex with someone I didn’t feel it with (anymore!). 

The human body is unique, precious and worthy of worship. 
What I discovered last night was that I totally deserved to be worshiped and tended to - but it must come from me first. I must accept and value myself in order to enjoy somebody accepting and valuing me.
We all must start at the core of our beliefs!
Learn to love yourself unconditionally.
Tantra is about your relationship to yourself, your own body and the vital force within. When we are in ecstasy, the body image and the sense of 'self' disappear anyway
The Kundalini energy woke up and crawled along my spine up to the 7th chakra in its unbridled power. It helped me reach the heights of altered consciousness and disappear. 

I am glad that Walter lives in Sydney, otherwise I would have a competition!
But I am not mean. I matched him up with my loyal female client who is seeing him today. I can’t wait for her feedback!*

February 8th, 2017
Feedback from Caroline, who's on a journey of self-empowerment, learning to make peace with her body and love herself :

"Sorry I didn't get back to you. I ended up falling asleep last night.
I had a very deep restful sleep after the massage. I felt like a million dollars. Walter was kind and gentle.
It was a mix of Kahuna or Lomi-Lomi massage with yoni massage similar to Mariah Freya's techniques but there was something else hard to explain. There was an all body trembling energy flow and bursts. I felt things I had never felt before and energy I never knew my body could circulate.
Let me know what you would like to know as feedback and I can answer your questions. Otherwise, it can be a bit hard to put it in words.
Overall it was quite amazing and very different. My final thought is that both approaches are deeply therapeutic. Being massaged by a female can be nurturing and empowering. There is a connection there along the lines of being with someone else who knows what it is to be a woman and what troubles us. A male on the other hand, can offer more of a worshiping approach like you mentioned."

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