Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Christianity, Valentine's Day

I've been researching liberal churches in Australia. I had no idea there was such a thing as "progressive Christianity". It turned out there is a few of them in Brisbane. However, their websites were not very telling. I was interested how open-minded and truly welcoming their Christian attitudes were... so I made it more simple. I typed into google "Gay friendly churches near me". Two came up.

Now, you know I am not gay, neither bi, even though I love women just as much as men, but at the same time I have no intentions in sleeping with them (anymore hahahah. Just kidding). I would like to be part of such church because I believe that true Godliness and kindness should encompass all living beings. I can't be part of an institution that excludes certain humans based on their sexuality, gender, race or different cosmological beliefs!
I'm really pleased that I found a progressive (gay-friendly) Christian church within walking distance from me, and I'm looking forward to exploring that community starting Sunday.

My Valentine's day was busy, therefore no dates, but I couldn't be happier at my evening Leadership seminar. Last week they seduced us into coming by noting they had a surprise prepared for us, "don't you dare not to turn up!". So the majority of us did. Only to get a cheap bite-size milk chocolate. In spite of that really lame (!) Valentine's gift (was hoping for champagne, strawberries, and DARK chocolates), I felt loved! :) And I was glad that the romantic idea of such day was not spoiled by a guy coming over to satisfy me sexually and then abandoning me 10 minutes later!

On the other hand, Valentine's day is a celebration of love, and love has many forms. Therefore, even a casual date could have been alright. I am in favor of frequent selfishness though - of celebrating SELF-LOVE and SELF-NURTURING! 

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