Monday, February 6, 2017

Being open and flexible

I get fascinated over and over again by my convictions about “this is it”, then it proving me otherwise shortly afterwards. I get fascinated by things ceasing to exist, having me convinced that that's it, if only they didn’t start the next day in a new way. I get fascinated by lotta stuff, yet my frequent, absolute convictions about something which get rebutted the next moment just shock me every time.

Try asking yourself when was the last time you said - I won’t show up here again, I am done, it’s over, not for me - then some time later, the next day, or perhaps in few years, you turn up again, you do that again, you try that - and it's different plus it suits you well! When I was 19 I said - "No more studies, no one will see me behind the school desk ever again!" Ten years later I am enrolling in Master studies.

Perhaps we think that our days are pretty lined up, and nothing new and exciting can step in, only to meet someone very interesting that very afternoon, or receive an extraordinary news.

We put our experiences and other people in boxes only to get a slap on the cheek once we realize it was us in the box all the while.

Leaving some room for surprises, for events taking a different turn, likewise a room for people changing their minds, can be life-enhancing. I’ve always been flexible like that. Yes, I tend to draw the line - I can’t help the initial conviction that it won’t happen again (no way), but I am always prepared for unexpected turns of events. They never cease to surprise me, but that possibility of being proven wrong about my mindset excites me more than anything! I like that thrill of seeing the old with fresh eyes!

Anticipating something new, even if it's "the old" but from a different perspective, makes life a human experience worth living fully each day.

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