Friday, February 10, 2017

Lunar eclipse in Leo

The true end to 2016.

"Lunar Eclipses are always viewed in astrology as being deeply transformative times that can bring abrupt and sudden change." 

"Imagine the energy of an Eclipse like a Universal hand that reaches down from the heavens and puts you where you need to be.
This place may not be where you want to be, or may not be where you thought you would end up, but it is definitely where you need to be."


"Seeing that the Eclipse falls in the sign of Leo, there is going to be a fiery element to this Full Moon as well. This energy is going to help push things along but it is also going to provoke abrupt endings.
If something needs to be gone from your life, if something needs to come to an end, this Eclipse is going to set the wheels in motion.
2016 was very much a year of endings. Endings are necessary in order to make way for the new and this Lunar Eclipse is like the final purge of 2016."

"Whatever you needed to let go of, whatever changes you needed to make, this Eclipse is going to ensure that it happens."

- by Tanaaz Chubb, full article is here: Full Moon

I find this astrological forecast very exciting. I could use a "Universal hand" to lead me to my true purpose. I've been all over the place lately.

What do I need to let go of? Tanaaz writes that "The last eclipse was in September 2016 and February’s Eclipse is going to bring an end to whatever energy was brewing at this time."

Year 2016 was awesome. Says I from February-2017 perspective. In a hindsight, I've lived most of the last year in a nightmare. 
Yes, that bad felt my own 'lostness' and the depression from having chased away the one I loved to the arms of another woman. Even though I picked up the pieces of me at some point and resumed living and taking care of myself, there was I in September still creating stories (illusions) about the measures and implications of that break-up. I said goodbye to my past and began a journey of empowerment and deep soul searching, yet He was still at the back of my mind. The guy that got away. The 'true love' that I have fucked up.

What was brewing? Was it the slow realization that no man (especially the one who lies and cheats and acts as a lunatic) was worth my self-punishing?
Maybe. How about admitting that I was a manipulator and a liar myself. Oh sorry, I only withheld the truth from him and others. There are words to describe what I was doing in an absolving way.
I lied to myself too.
However, what came out of that relationship were life-enhancing lessons. 
I will not manipulate, nor lie again. What I am, I attract!

I imagined myself as a big butterfly today.... 
It gave me the strength to see my life with detachment, and the reassurance that whenever it all gets tough and insane again, I will just fly above it. My past of a caterpillar doesn't matter.
I choose to transform into a bold and beautiful leo-butterfly today.

"This is a powerful eclipse, but it is also extremely magical and protective. Change will happen but it is definitely going to be change for the better." *

What was brewing for you in September?

*retrieved from:

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