Thursday, February 2, 2017

Being "wrong"

Today I just have a thought-provoking suggestion that keeps producing miracles in my life.

Whenever you feel like fighting something... or someone...
Allow yourself the possibility that you might have been wrong.

Maybe you really did make the mistake they said you did, and that's why an insincere apology doesn't make you feel better.
Maybe you should have had a different attitude than the one you chose to expose.
Maybe there's more to the issue than the "story" you are making up as you go along.

On another note..
Maybe he/she aren't as bad as you assumed they were.
Maybe he/she are, in fact, real idiots, and you should stop making excuses for them or constantly looking for their better face, and the brighter side of things.
Maybe not thinking at all but surrendering to trust instead of sabotaging all your recent efforts by negative thinking and hasty actions, is not "being confused" or procrastinating - it's perhaps the only thing to do to keep you sane and on track.

Maybe you were wrong, and things ARE perfectly aligned to work in your favor in a seemingly imperfect way.

I'll leave it like this today.

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