Monday, May 28, 2018

Crushing the crush - updated

I’m not saying that there has been 'an offer' from someone’s side at all with this post. I’m just losing myself in my realistically vivid imagination.

Today, for the first time ever, I became aware that sometimes it is up to the other woman to resist a temptation, not the man.

If she has a good heart, she must swallow the burning lust, and leave it. Dream about it, if she must, but not to do it.

If we know about the primary woman - the wife, and the children, we are no longer innocent in such a pact. No loneliness dressed in desire’s clothes is that deep that its agenda could be justifiable. Even those who are yet unknown to us would get impacted by the futile crime of passion. 
It is important to me not to bear the blood on my hands.

While in the past I truly wasn’t aware of the possible implications an affair could have on the cheating husband’s wife, I convinced myself to not care and instead, I focused on my legitimate reasons for participating in someone else’s fantasy. Other time, I have not listened to my wiser self, and let loose in quite a dangerous liaison - a product of my fantasy - with my heart wide open. 
Yes, I had excuses for both the first and the second scenarios and everything I did in between, but I don’t have any now.

I know that I want to keep doing the right thing, saying no to the questionable things, and protect the other women.
Integrity is key.

Again, no offer has been made, just giving myself publicly a much-needed slap :)

P.S: I had a date on Sunday with a single and younger guy. All went well and friendly until he all of a sudden "needed" a kiss. A brief one didn't do, so I guess, touching my hips was the necessary next level. I wonder - what makes a guy think that it is ok to latch onto a girl during a first date? What makes him think that he can touch, that he is invited? Wtf.
I even bought my own food to send him a message that he was NOT INVITED.
And I mumbled that the laksa was the highlight of the day.

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