Friday, June 1, 2018

How to trash a pity party

Caught your thoughts holding a pity party? You should know that you are not the host. It is the confused mind itself that is soaring unchecked, picking up on lost dreams, yours and others', and uncomprehending the unfair rules of society. Unfortunately, you are the guest at this lousy pity party.

There is but one key that opens the door to freedom.
It is time to stop the complaining and bring more appreciation for who we are and what we have.

Feeling grateful coupled with trust (in other words - a self-induced feeling of safety) manifests miracles in one's world.

Gratitude really is the best prayer. 

It is time to act happy... like lunatics. Even if the external world momentarily shows distress or lack of this and that, there is something remarkable about living with the attitude of gratitude and changing one's energetic frequency by forming a smile.
Not only we're bound to lighten up but the outside world will catch up.

There is always something that we've done right. By focusing on our smaller or bigger wins, rather than the loses, we can start feeling proud now, and watch the party draw to an end...


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