Friday, September 1, 2017

The Treasures of Facebook

If you dig, you find. If you dig deep, you find more.

A couple of weeks ago, a new client surprised me by knowing a way more about me than I would have expected from a newcomer. He tracked me all the way to this blog - through my Tantra massage ad. I do not advertise this blog anywhere, but it's possible to find it through a link within a link on a private Facebook page, or on However, my Tantra ad is not connected to neither of those websites. It could have been a past workshop that I did which he came across or the sole fact that he works in IT. Either way, I was fascinated!

Today, I was contacted by someone I haven’t seen in good 5-6 years - through Facebook, of course. 

I am guessing that it was a 'friend list' of a mutual friend, or perhaps through one of my comments left under a friend of a friend’s photo or something. What’s the wickedest thing about it is that in the shitty little space of Facebook messenger, we were able to exchange real deep thoughts - pretty fast - that wouldn’t have been otherwise possible, hadn’t he read that blog first. When someone has a head start on your life journey and knows the secrets you share with your anonymous readers, but not with your acquaintances, it makes the 'small talk' super-engaging right from the start. There’s no “What have you been doing all those years!?”, instead there is - I have always felt that you were ‘on your guard’ and becoming something that I couldn’t quite grasp… 
And here we go, he was right.

However, was that so bad to jump head on into the unspoken taboos of the sexual underworld and keeping quiet about it?
Not in my case.
It’s the growth from those life lessons that counts. 

In a while a flood of his secrets started spilling out from the messenger app, which I truly enjoyed!

I won’t say much anymore, rather I describe how it feels to know that 'baring it all' has finally begun in its fullest. I feel liberated. I feel confident, I feel loved, I feel alive and I feel understood.

There is no-one who has to condone my life choices, there is no one to seek forgiveness from, there is no one who could be a better judge of my life journey than myself and God. And I am led by him, let me tell you.

It looks like we all should be glad for social platforms like Facebook.
The only way out is through - there's no hiding in this world.
There are people that I have never met, yet we share 20 mutual friends…. I love that. Just between us, I probably won’t accept their ‘friend request’ until I actually get to meet them, regardless, I am so fascinated by the fact that WE ARE ALL CONNECTED.
And what I do onto you, you do onto others.

Although my current work as a therapist is not my sole purpose on this Earth, I do a lotta good with it!
I love when I relate to people and when my insight and expertise visibly and profoundly help to start the healing process. So many of my clients benefited from my consultation - the talk which didn't even come from me, per se, however - what needed to be said was said through me.
The Spirit talked.

Good night

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