Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tropical paradise - a new home?

As I'm writing this in the beautiful Charles Darwin Botanic Gardens, I feel orgasmic and pumped by life. I guess that nature does it to (for) me!

I am considering taking up an offer to live in a community. A very cool guy introduced me to this lady living in the bushes in a 'Bali-style' house surrounded by magnificent tropical gardens.

I've noticed about seven people mingling in and around the tree house with a small ground cottage next door.

The number of bathrooms is limited, of course, so is just one kitchen there. But I also noticed an inviting pool, and a damn good vibe... The paradisal settings remind me of "The Beach" with Leonardo DiCaprio; however, I'm hoping it won't turn out as disturbing as in the movie!

I feel scared and aroused at the same time. Cohabiting is just so not me - or rather - it is so outside of my comfort zone.
I am a hermit, I am a private, isolating, poetic, and introverted individual!
People scare me sometimes, and now I should live with them? Let alone share with these strangers?

It sounds outrageous in my mind. Yet, when I consider my other option - the initial decision to start renting a cheap studio right in the middle of the CBD - the dryness of it wrinkles my brow. Suddenly, the tropical community appears much more interesting! The idea of being a part of the 'family' seems quite alluring to me. I guess humans were wired like that!

Still, it's breaking me apart. Why am I doing this to myself?

Perhaps because it's time to reach beyond the ordinary. To get out of my hermit routine..
I'd have my own small bedroom after all, a private little sanctuary if I wanted to keep the door shut.
The room is part of a 3-bed wooden cottage and has the very basics - a bed.

What more should I wish for, really?

There are showers too there somewhere, within a walking distance, I hope 😳
I will have everything I need, really...

Oh, let's just stop the lame reassuring!

I am scared, but this feeling shouldn't get in a way of my doing the things I am curious about.
If I try this communal living, even if
 for only a couple of weeks, my 'ideal' studio apartment disappears from the market.
But perhaps I won't care.
Perhaps I'll be living the Australian dream 🤔

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