Friday, September 29, 2017

Hello, veggie!

Today I decided to take my laptop for a walk and work from a different setting.

I’m sitting in a vegetarian cafe with a super grumpy service… one cup of chai tea with soy milk, am I asking for too much?

Who would have thought that this supposed to be 'loving-kindness' trend of a lifestyle can end up turning people into miserable, grumpy, and in extreme cases - aggressive humans? Aren’t we vegetarians/vegans supposed to live up to the label of gentle, animal-loving, earth-honoring individuals? 
Generalizations don't always work; however, given some research and observation, there is always a seed of truth. 

I know way too many obnoxious vegans (not you, Hedwica), who are steadily driving me crazy with their radical aggressivity, in and outside of the kitchen. This appears to me as no longer about healthy eating habits, but ostensively about loudly opposing optimistic carnivores and their freedom of choice. Just live and let live, people! 
Nevertheless, I am detouring from my assumption that the ‘vegan’ barista just doesn't have his day today, and no matter the fact that I belong to his ‘cool kids club', he clearly doesn't like me :(

Maybe he’s homosexual?

I’m just joking.

But hey, observing him parading around… 
Never mind! 

Not everyone needs to like me. I prefer to attract like-minded people who are vibrating the same high frequency. It makes dealing with all the tribe members easier. Furthermore, I can stay myself.
Please God, don’t let me ever end up looking this bitter...
I’d rather have a piece of cheese every now and then or a plate of Barra once a month, than starting to act as an aggressive veggie.

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