Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Sexual Healing

My Tantra workshop went really well. Only a small number of people turned up, but their amazing collective energy was all I needed to feel that the prior stress had been worth it.
Apparently what was much appreciated, along with the few interactive exercises we did, was my honesty about my past sexual experiences and my confession that I have never had a Tantric sex. That being said - with someone; because I do with myself (a lot). I've had amazing sex (with J, or other men in the long past), but it was not exactly 'Tantric'.

So my search for a tantric partner began. And maybe I don’t have to look too far. One of the attendees is pretty keen…

Obviously, I wouldn't try Tantric sex with just any ordinary man, but this guy is pretty experienced! I know that he wasn’t boasting or trying to look smarter than me because I’ve massaged him today. I observed his breathing and I felt his energy vibrate all over. I had a go too.
I had a small taste of what it felt like to merge into a meditative bliss with the man just lying next to me… then I ‘woke up’ out of the emerging ecstasy and felt a bit frightened. Sure, there are no intimacy issues when you are ‘there’. But if you snap out of ‘there’, the made up fear comes back and it is a frickin' party-pooper. 

The vibration all over my body resembled the awakened kundalini that I experienced during a dance few weeks before - very cool!
Then we went jog-walking together…

How exciting the Tantric path feels! :)

I have another confession. When I slept with D., I noticed that he had what Margot Anand calls: penile insensitivity. In her 5th and 
10th chapters - she writes how vigorous thrusting during sex damages the muscular tissues around genitals, weakens the PC pump, the hips and puts a strain on the prostate.

Prostate - the gold mine, the seat of masculinity (!NOT heterosexuality!), and the semen-retention switch…Just a miracle, guys!

D. had been putting so many layers of 'body armor' on the genital area, that he caused himself to be less sensitive there, needing a lot of stimulation in order to let the sexual energy flow - with one trouble - he flows it out - rather than in.
Good news, penile insensitivity can be easily healed.

What we learn in Tantra is that sexual energy should flow throughout the whole body- it vibrates it, it heals it, it strengthens our chakras and then enters our minds for a lasting bliss. 
For example, I unblock myself with reiki, and then touch myself gently, breathing into my chakras and moving the fire up and up 'the inner flute'…containing the energy within without any strong stimulation.

When will the insensitive-penises men start to leave their egos outside of the bedroom and perhaps learn something new from their [Tantric] lovers?
Watching porn gave us an illusion that we should have sex like animals. Sometimes we can.. 
However, I believe that we are spiritual beings having a human experience and learning about meaningful, soulful, and conscious sex is part of it!

I'm recharging now. I'm realizing more and more that I am an Introvert.
I'm craving ME-time, especially after what seemed like the busiest weekend
of my life - LEARNING (marketing) & TEACHING (sex edu). But I loved it regardless. I also bonded with Laura and we had a great after-party right after the workshop.

*By the way, I'm not saying that J. has that aforementioned penis issue too, he doesn't. He can handle showing up as vulnerable, open-hearted, and gentle in and out of the bed. 
But I feel like he might be a taker regardless.

Time to find a yin-yang lover :)

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