Sunday, July 30, 2017

Hayhouse Writer's Workshop

The idea that I create my destiny with my thoughts, feelings, actions and WORDS has never been more real. 
This weekend I attended the Hayhouse writer’s workshop in Sydney, and I decided to stay a few more days to enjoy the city. 
I am somewhat in awe of the Sydney's unexplored scent. I only spent couple of days here in the past; and it’s been either with Him, or while depressed without him. This time I am a completely new person. I feel empowered, independent, free and motivated to become a success.

Success in what? Well, at the moment I am focusing on my career. Career as a healing mentor, an inspiring revolutionary, and a Hayhouse author - a compassionate storyteller. I must help other people with my story!

I am hopeful that in the future my life purpose will merge with my love life too.

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