Saturday, July 8, 2017

Holy Encounters

I had the most amazing conversation in a shop I could have ever anticipated in my life! From a hand luggage and airport rules it suddenly turned to sex and relationships - just how do I do it??? :D

Thank you, Sara for opening up and holding an open-minded space for me to do the same. How much I love these kind of encounters!

After what seemed a good half hour of chatting we hugged, I bought a light 4wheeler and went off to wait for my bus ride home. Great start to the day with yoga, a chat about hair with the instructors, browsing the markets, getting a random proposition for internet marketing work (I reckon the guy just wanted my number), and then that honest and heart-opening confiding of a stranger. I love my past experiences, my job and my spiritual gifts!

Few weeks ago I met another beautiful and interesting woman walking down the street (wow, also on Saturday after a yoga class!) who started opening up to me shortly after I complimented on her hair. It began very subtly, and then we found ourselves passionately talking about men and recent affairs. Two hours later we greeted again at a wine tasting event, some time later danced at a rooftop bar, and ended up in a pub with a group of young lads drinking some more (oops, more about my alcohol detox in a next post!).
What a special day that was. Thank you, Lana for showing me your vulnerable self and for your bold going ahead and signing up for my next Tantra workshop!

I took a trip to NSW few days ago…I stayed with Rowena but I met up with my ex too. Let me tell you how that went in the next post ;)

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