Thursday, October 27, 2016

Preacher or a Storyteller ?

Based on the story mentioned bellow... you may think - It could be very easy for me to feel smarter than him (and some other people), more conscious or "advanced", but it would be just as easy for me to call myself a lunatic if I tried to list all the self-development courses, self-help books, all the trance dancing, shaman journeying, meditating and smudging I have done and the new cocoa ceremonies I want to go to.. and yet, I am still not all right! :)

But - my point is - Who am I if I don't try to lead by an example?

Just words don't help. I believe it's the way I make others feel by my actions - actions of kindness. You can know it all (one never does), you can talk about it, you may give advices to people, but if they don't see you are living your truth, then shut up, you preacher. No more words. I say. I won't ever tell him (anyone) what to do.

I am just going to tell my story with hidden lessons. You may listen, you may watch, you may live your truth.

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